What is the Great Story Swap?


Stories are what keep us connected. In these uncertain times, we believe that the magic and power of books and sharing stories will keep us united. With schools, organisations and our Foundation unable to hold events, and a feeling of isolation impacting most people, we have created the #GreatStorySwap, a virtual book recommendation challenge, where we ask people from all walks of life to share stories that they love.


Our hope is that this challenge raises people’s awareness about our Foundation, builds interest in the Great Book Swap, and also provides a much needed way for adults and children isolated at home to connect in with the wider book-reading world. Our aim is to make this a weekly online event - where people share with others the books or stories that they are reading at that point in time.

Our much loved Great Book Swap program, where books are exchanged for a gold coin donation, is now open for registrations with events to be held late this year from September. But in the meantime, we want to create a movement where you and your children can stay engaged, stay connected, and share stories that touch you. 


With this in mind, we're asking everyone - from students to parents, teachers to business owners - to show your support for the Great Book Swap and contribute to something bigger by joining the #GreatStorySwap. Post a photo or video of your book recommendation to social media, tag us in your post (Twitter @IndigenousLF and Facebook/Instagram @IndigenousLiteracyFoundation), and encourage your friends, family and networks to do the same. 

Use the power of reading to bring people together. Be a part of something bigger. #GreatStorySwap