What is the Great Book Swap?

The Great Book Swap is a fantastic way to celebrate reading locally, and raise much-needed funds for remote communities. Schools, workplaces, libraries, universities, book clubs, individuals and all kinds of organisations can host one. The idea is to swap a favourite book in exchange for a gold coin donation. 

By registering to host a Great Book Swap at your school or workplace you are playing a vital role in raising much-needed funds for our programs. You will be actively helping us gift 35,000 new, carefully chosen books to children who need them the most.

NEW for 2020!

This year marks our 10th anniversary and, with your support, we are working towards equity of opportunity so that children living in remote communities have the same opportunities as those living in urban Australia. 

We're excited to be adding another language house to our Great Book Swap Program for 2020. We'll assign you a language 'House' when you register, named after five different animals in Aboriginal languages. You'll have exclusive access to a host of fantastic language-themed resources including teachers' notes, fact sheets, maps, videos and books written by children in your House's language. Look out for Maranydjalk, our new fifth house!


Yirrikipayi House (saltwater crocodile in Tiwi, NT)

Lungkura House (blue-tongued lizard in Walmajarri, WA)

Wamparla House (possum in Arabana, SA)

Bigibigi House (pig in Kriol, NT) 

Maranydjalk House (stingray in Yolŋu, NT)

How much is your House raising?

How are you going to reach your fundraising target? The schools in the leading house on 30 October will go into the draw to win a special visit from an ambassador like Justine Clarke.


How to hold a Great Book Swap?


1. Register online

Registrations will open in March for 2020. Choose a date, set your fundraising target and create an online event page. 

2. Promote your event and collect donations

Share your page with your family and friends, on social media, with your local paper or in your newsletter to start collecting donations to meet your target. 

3. Gather the books and prepare your event

Set up a collection area for your Great Book Swap. Check your resource kit for fun filled learning as part of your event, including specialist books written in and celebrating your House's language. 

4. Swap!

On the day, lay all the books out on a table with a donation tin. Set a time for everyone to browse for a book they would like to take in exchange for a donation. You might like to assign some reading time afterwards to enjoy the new books or learn about your House's language. 

5. Submit your funds

Please donate your funds via your online page with your donation ID number to ensure you receive your receipt, Certificate of Appreciation and go into the draw to win some great prizes. You can donate via EFT, credit card or cheque.